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16 Steps To Catching The Man Of Your Dreams

you’ll have a better perspective of the male life.

  • Be successful.

    You haven’t become the CEO of your company or a top model yet? No worries! Become the best in the field you know and like – win

    a dog show or puzzle solving competition. Nothing is more attractive

    than success. Even if nobody has even heard of a competition, your victory

    will make you more self-assured. And everybody will notice that.

  • Remember the past.

    Recall your college life or first high-school love. You think those

    were the good times? Call the old friends and find out how they have

    been doing all this time. Bet you have a lot to discuss – even

    if your first love is married and has 5 kids, it’s always nice

    to chat with an old pal. And if he’s not… well, you never

    know. You can invite him out and discuss everything in detail.

  • Change your route.

    Every day you go to work, do you ride the same bus, change to the subway

    at the same stop and shop at the same supermarket? Change your route

    and your daily routine! Choose another street to go to work, check out

    a couple of new supermarkets or just try to go on foot once in a while.

    Do that regularly, once every two weeks. First of all, this is the easiest

    way to fight stress and boredom. Secondly, you may finally meet Mr.

    Right – probably, he’s been going to work every day on the

    street parallel to yours.

  • Do not be shy.

    Life is too short to spend it on something miserable like brooding about

    luck that always passes you by. You deserve the best – the nicest

    relationship, the most interesting friends, the most exciting experiences.

    Get rid of the old stuff, discuss only interesting things, leave the

    theater if you don’t like the movie. Let yourself have only the

    best quality things in your life.

  • Only those who are satisfied with their life feel truly happy. Learn

    to do that – find your strong points, see and value your achievements.

    When you learn to be happy without a man, you are more likely to meet


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