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How Men Really Feel About Women

First of all, you should bear in mind that with age, demands of a modern man to a woman change. The questioning shows that at 20-25 men value in women such qualities as intellect, sexuality, and beauty. It’s clear that at this age the main wish of a man is to develop a career. From the point of view of their attitude towards women, they are ready to make acquaintances infinitely often: the more acquaintances – the more fun.


At 30 years of age, when a man has already gained experience in communicating with women, his tastes change and becomes more refined. Now he needs women who would take the definite parts; for example, of a wife and a mother. At this age men aspire to become staid. Along with intellect, many men of this age seek such female qualities as tenderness.
After 40, the main thing for a man is that a woman should understand him and take care of him. Female beauty now comes in second to a mutual understanding between a man and a woman.

On the whole, it should be noticed that the most attractive female pattern for a man is her sexuality. To define this quality is impossible as it’s something elusive, taking in by men on a level of subconsciousness. And this factor that attracts some men can spurn others. But the tastes of most men don’t differ much -- the more a woman possesses apprehensibility and feminity, the more attractive she is.


The main part of sexuality is appearance. It’s believed that a beautiful woman should be slender, have long legs, have a big bosom, and have a rounded bottom. For some reason women, when speaking of slenderness, think of a thin figure. Obviously they take as an example models that are high and skinny. Women with an unhealthy thinness attract only 8% of men, while the remaining 92% would prefer something other than what you see at fashion show.


Women also are mistaken in trying to lose weight and achieve “the classical” sizes of a bosom, waist, and hips: 90-60-90. Many men, on the contrary, like fatties. In fact, slenderness of a female figure depends not upon the weight and the sizes of its segments, but upon the correlation of their volumes (i.e. upon the availability of the body curves tempting for men). Many men are attracted to even overweight women if her waist makes up 70% from a volume of her hips.


Perfect facial features and bright make-up are not the main means to attract male attention either. Men are attracted by female mimicry, glances, and motion of the body. If you want to be noticed – move! Draw attention, so that when you sit motionlessly (for example, in a subway), men standing in front of you will turn their glances towards you. That’s why it’s advised that while speaking or keeping silence, you should not sit or stand without moves. Change your pose, correct your hair-do, or smooth out your dress. Special attention should be given to the gait. You should try to get your gestures and movements to become fluent, tender, and graceful.


Female sexuality is emphasized by the clothes. At the same time, it’s not meant that clothing should be expensive. And it’s not necessary that clothes be sexual. The question of how a woman, with the help of her clothes, can stress her individuality and sexuality deserves a separate conversation.


But not only outer movements attract men to women. As studies show, it’s important to men that a woman should:


  • be self-confident. Men feel that it adds sexuality to her.
  • show independence, but not so much that a man feels unneeded in her life.
  • be clever (a silly woman pushes away), but not very intellectual.
  • not earn more than a man, as it strikes a considerable blow to his ambition. Men can value business-women as partners of their business, not of their sex.
  • be open and easy to get on with.
  • not become irritable because of meaningless things, and not make a mountain out of a molehill.
  • be skittish and able to tease and grasp jokes.
  • not annoy due to her quest to lose weight.
  • be well-groomed and look after herself.
  • be able to get on with her mother-in-law.


Though many of these recommendations are of a general nature, every woman must choose a manner and style of behavior that would be attractive to her darling.



Men are surprisingly naughty creatures. And you, as well as me, are sure that you’ve caught the most squeamish specimen. The funniest part is that he thinks the same of you…


I’ve spoken with a huge number of male acquaintances and got scores

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