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Women and Men: Differences in Self-Confidence

nobody will be offended. Finally, you should remember that it is impossible

to please everybody, even if you passionately desire it.

Men prefer to forget about failure

Men detest thinking about their slip-ups. They hate it to such an extent

that they are even ready to break- off with the witnesses of their mistakes.

It would seem easy as pie: to get rid of a negative experience by saying

to yourself that what's done can't be undone and there is no use in worrying

about it. But for women it is not so easy. We play the unpleasant situation

on and on in our minds, thinking of all possible methods of “what

I could have done”. We exaggerate, making a mountain out of a molehill.

And when we must start doing something new, we immediately remember how

awful it was the last time. The only advice is the following: to derive

something positive from each mistake, to understand what lesson you learned

from this or that situation, to take it into account, and to move forward.

Men focus on their career

Self-confidence requires high self-esteem which, in turn, grows with

the help of professional success. Women spend much of their strength on

family, children, and household chores, while men are more career-oriented

and, therefore, more successful in this aspect. But even here the fair

sex has a big advantage. If a man fails in his career, it means the ruin

of all his hopes and the end of his self-confidence. Women, on the other

hand, always have a home and family where they can realize themselves

to the fullest extent possible.

How to restore self-confidence

  1. Pay attention to all your achievements, even to the most insignificant.

    Praise and reward yourself -- at least with a trip to a beauty shop.

  2. Make a detailed list of achievements and progress. Mark the ones

    which people are the most envious of.

  3. Remember pleasant things. If you are not getting on very well, remember

    a situation when you proved yourself perfectly and try to keep this

    feeling of victory.

  4. Never act on a temper. If you are on edge, focus on something that

    has nothing to do with the problem. Count all the patterns on your wall-paper.

    Try to reproduce the lyrics of a poem or a song. Better? Now you can

    resume your work.

  5. When in a stressful situation, try to vent to negative emotions.

    Try exercising, do housecleaning, or just take a long walk. When you

    are physically tired, there is no place for soul-searching.

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