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The Jealous Side of Love

– this can help you have a trusting relationship.

  • If you jealous about your partner in some situations, talk about

    it. Discuss the rules of your relationship. Compare his and your own

    expectations to avoid breaking the rules. Jealousy exists when communication

    is broken and you close-up to protect yourself. Don’t be afraid

    to give and to loose: those who love always give and those who are jealous

    want to take and own.

  • Ambulance

    Here are the ways of fighting jealousy:

    • Say “Thank you!” to jealousy. Every feeling has its own

      meaning and your aim is to understand it. Thank jealousy for the ability

      to have strong feelings, or of your realizing that you have a partner

      who’s dear to you. What’s important is your sincerity.

    • It is effective to practice breathing exercises. While breathing-in

      deep through your nose, imagine you’re breathing love. Breathing-out

      through the mouth, imagine that jealousy goes out from you. With every

      breath you have more love in you and less jealousy.

    • If you don’t express your jealously, it will ruin you inside.

      Try to draw jealousy on a piece of paper then burn it and scatter it

      into the air.

    • If you notice your husband is flirting with somebody, restrain a wish

      to tear out her hair or to toss a glass of wine on your husband’s

      new suit. Show your woman’s wisdom. Try to learn what attracts

      your husband; for example, an effective appearance. Go to her, pay her

      a compliment, and ask for her advice. Tell her something interesting

      and exchange your phone numbers. By doing this, you take away her power.

    Love against sex

    According to psychologists investigations, women and men feel jealousy

    in different ways. 60% of men say that the thought of his wife sleeping

    with another man is unbearable for him. 85% of women say that the most

    unbearable thing is to know that her husband loves another woman. Women

    can forgive infidelity, especially if a husband convinces her that “it

    was just sex”.

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