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5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Exercise

Having a hard time getting to the gym on a regular basis? Or are you ready to admit that you simply hate to exercise? Donít worry, youíre not alone. If you can think of a million things you could be doing instead of working out, you might need a little push to get moving. Trick #1: Take a dance...

Revamp Your Summer Weight Loss Efforts

losing weight for the summer In preparation for long days at the pool and beach vacations with your family, you worked hard...

Healthy and Delicious: Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Salad
Most diets deprive you of delicious food. ...

Tips for Staying Safe When Exercising Outside

Exercising outside

If you enjoy exercising outside, chances are youíll be working out in the dark as the days get shorter. Make sure you stay safe when...

How to get killer calves


If you donít regularly exercise your calves, youíre not alone. The calves are a frequently overlooked muscle group, but if you want your...

Does a Womanís Diet Effect Yeast Infections?

It is estimated that 3 out of 4 women get yeast infections on a regular basis and while an infection once or twice a year can easily be treated with over-the-counter medication, women who get them frequently find yeast...

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