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5 Easy Exercise Tips

There are numerous ways of dieting, but not everybody has enough patience to follow them. Many diets can make you slimmer, but can also do harm to your health. Some people, who stick to it, fail to maintain the achieved results and the lost pounds come back. At the same time, there are so many tempting things in the supermarkets!

Did you know that even the color of dishes influences how hungry we are? It turns out that blue, green, grey, and some other cold colors reduce hunger.


But that’s not the main point of this article.


We hope that our advice will help you to maintain your achieved results. The secret is: make your free time more effective.


  1. Walking
    Simple walking won’t, of course, make you lose weight quickly, but it will bring slow, more prominent results. Every 10 minutes of walking burns 40-70 calories – the amount will be the same if you do jogging, but in this case you will get tired quicker.
  2. More exercise, more movement
    It may sound cliché, but exercising is good for you. Doing exercises for only 2-3 hours a week, you burn calories and make your metabolism faster. Here’s a very simple one: try walking instead of running on the spot, and do it in several sets of 2-6 minutes. You can also swim, bike-ride, roller-skate or any other activity. The best plan is to exercise at least twice a week.
  3. Not enough time?
    You can split every training session into two, three or four mini-sessions. Recent research shows that you burn the same amount of calories no matter whether you split it or not. For example, you can do sit-ups before going to work, then climb the stairs instead of using the elevator at lunchtime and dance to your favorite music while preparing dinner.
  4. Easy and quite common
    You lose weight when you do household chores or go shopping. Check this out: 10 minutes of window shopping burns 35 calories; 5 minutes of walking with kids is worth 40 calories; climbing a staircase – 16 calories; a song in a karaoke-bar – 20 calories
  5. Get rid of extra pounds!
    Doing exercises in a gym may seem rather boring. However, it’s not necessary to devote your whole life to working out. It’s enough to do a set of 8-12 exercises twice a week when you have a couple of free minutes. This will help you to keep fit and to not gain weight. Think of those 30-40 minutes you spend on exercising as a great investment in a beautiful body.


Remember: the best exercise does not burn the largest amount of calories – it makes you feel good. You can spend hours in a gym trying to lose weight, but achieve no result. Choose some activity you enjoy doing. A good mood is a part of the success.

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