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Naked Dogs

These wonderful creatures are considered to be a live heritage of the ancient civilizations.


A naked dog…. It is quite difficult for people who are far from dog breeding to imagine this creature, isn’t it? Whereas a naked dog is not a mythical animal, it is a unique one and every lover of exotic things wishes to have it. A naked dog has been registered in Genesee’s records book as an animal with the highest body temperature, which is 40.5 degrees. Such a high temperature doesn’t cause any trouble to the dogs. Moreover, it protects them from dangerous microbes and viruses which can’t survive in such heat. It isn’t the only unique feature of the naked dogs.


A dog which can become sun burnt.


Several breeds of dogs, such as the Mexican naked dog, Chinese tufted dog, and two kinds of Peruvian dogs, belong to the category of naked dogs. In spite of the fact that all of them vary in size, weight, and presence or absence of a tuft, they have much in common. The skin of a naked dog is as smooth as silk and resembles human skin. In summer a naked dog can even become sun burnt. In contrast to other dogs, a naked dog has sudoriferous glands throughout the body -- that’s why in hot weather it doesn’t put out its tongue to cool itself. One more mystery about naked dogs: in each brood there is a hairy puppy. It is considered to warm-up it’s brothers and sisters. Generally, naked dogs have a wonderful character. They are jolly and mischievous. Their masters say collectively that their pets can say cheese and embrace them with their paws, which look like hands.


Home doctors.


The history of these wonderful dogs goes back several centuries. Scientists are still unsure whether the breeds mentioned above have common roots or if they have come from different ancestors. In China, the naked dogs were considered to be a luxury and every noble had them as a talisman. A Mexican naked dog is often called the first dog of America. Archeologists found dogs’ sculptures in Aztec tombs. The Indians treated it as a cult dog. It is considered to be the God’s gift and a home talisman. Even its name, ”ksoloitzkuintly”, has come from the names of the two main Aztec gods – Ksolota and Itskuintly. Wise Aztecs thought that these dogs possessed some magical and medicinal features, and they were not mistaken. These animals are really good doctors. Having a strong bio- energy, the naked dogs are not only safe for people suffering from asthma and allergy, but also are able to cure such diseases as rheumatism, migraine, depression and gastric diseases. They can also prevent stress and insomnia.


A naked dog doesn't need the dog's barber.


You should neither cut its hair nor brush it. It doesn't have any fleas or other parasites. But like a man, it should be washed. Luckily, all naked dogs like to wash. Nowadays it is as prestigious as it was in the times of Chinese nobles and Aztecs to keep this dog at home. In Mexico a naked dog is considered to be national property. Not without reason, the famous painter Diego Rivera and the superstar of soap operas Veronica Castro have several Mexican dogs at home.


Although there is some coquetry in you....


When seducing a man, none of us ever fall to thinking to ask ourselves, “why am I doing it?”
For most women, to make men court them and at the same time keep them in suspense is an ordinary thing.


Coquetry lies in the basis of women’s nature and it is not accidental. As some biologists think, a woman performs a very important function when coquetring. When she makes a man court her and gain her favor she sizes him up and decides whether he can be a good father of her future child. Nature itself prompts her way of behavior, even if a woman doesn’t have any far-reaching aims.


A million scarlet roses.


By the way, men themselves did their best to make us capricious girls and affected creatures. During previous centuries, men gave women presents and accomplished feats for them. It’s clear that women don’t want to change the rules of this game. Although the times of duels and tournaments passed long ago, the sense of a woman’s coquetry and of a man courting her hasn’t changed at all. As earlier, to gain a woman’s favor a man is ready to give up nearly everything he has -- even lay down his life. Nevertheless, such excesses fell into the past. Nowadays most feats and fighting are replaced by a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, or a bottle of perfume. Sometimes the stakes are higher – men give their women diamonds, expensive cars, and fur-coats.


But modern life has amended the ritual of courting. Nowadays men don’t need to court a woman for a long time if they want to have some pleasures

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