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Naked Dogs

with her. Sometimes it is quite enough to have a mutual wish. Moreover,

no one regrets that men don’t respect some women because of their

affability. On the contrary, some men who adhere to these progressive

ideas consider this approach as some kind of respect to a woman’s

personality. They believe that a woman has equal rights and she can choose

any man she likes.

On the other hand, a woman shouldn’t have any discomfort when

a man is courting her for a long time and is spending much time and money

in the process. If a woman doesn’t want to have any intimate relations,

it’s her right and her choice.

A blank shot.

Inexperienced coquettes should remember that courting itself could mean

nothing. There are men for whom courting is some kind of sport and they

are interested in the process but not in the result. As soon as they have

gained a woman’s favor, they loose any interest to her and begin

to look for another ”victim”

If we asked psychologists what strategy they would recommend to the

women concerned with it, they would say that subconsciously men still

look for modest and shy women. Some men have sexual excitement only if

women make some type of resistance to them. They want to be carried away

by some intrigue, and women should give men a chance to show them how

strong, clever, and handsome they are.

Only facts: men are fond of woman's underwear.

Who has said that woman’s underwear is intended only for women?

Woman’s underwear has been exciting man’s physics for many

centuries. It was invented by men and is still considered by some of them

as some kind of fetish.

Men invented it. For a long time a woman’s belt

for stockings was considered to be an invention of Eiffel – the

creator of tower in Paris. Only in the last century was it found out that

the real inventor was a French haberdasher Didie. In France there is a

touching story about Didie’s wife who hated garters and made her

husband invent something more convenient.

Men are good judges of woman’s underwear. They say that Casanova

wasn’t the only connoisseur of woman’s drawers. There is a

gossip that a French enlightener Russo also collected woman’s underwear.

The masterpieces of collection. It is not surprising

that some modern fetishists have museums of woman’s underwear at

home. One of the biggest collections of woman’s bust bodices belongs

to an Italian, Mazza. The exposition of his collection is situated in

Florence and amounts to more than 1500 exhibits, among which there are

bust bodices of some famous women such as Madonna and Maria Kallas.

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