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Happiness in Small Packages

are ideal for sociable people or for families with children. The Yorkshire

terrier competes with the Chihuahua for the title of “the smallest

dog” in the world (the largest specimen weighs less than 7 pounds).

Their long silky hair requires thorough washing, brushing, and conditioning.

Yorkshire terriers who participate in dog competitions have to spend hours

in hair curlers.

Cairn terrier- once and forever

This tiny dog with perked up ears has the most wonderful personality

and loves people, especially children who can tease and play with it as

long as they wish. People that have had this charming pet would never

substitute it for any other breed.

Cairn terriers can live comfortably in city apartments as well as in

the countryside. These dogs are easy to take care of; brushing and occasional

trimming of the hair from the front paws and tail is all that’s


Cairn terriers are very curious, love to splash in water, chase a ball,

and jump around. However, they adjust easily to walking on a leash and

to a settled life in town.

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