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Convenience and Accessibility

Shops, restaurants, commercials… Everything keeps telling us “Eat! Eat more and more often!” We obey and start eating even when we have no appetite.


DANGER #2 convenience and accessibility


The closer tasty “tempters” are to you, the more often you will want to have them. Example: there is a vase with chocolate candies in the center of the office. During the day each co-worker has eaten approximately 9 candies and not one of them could tell the exact number of candies he has eaten. When the candies were put into each co-worker’s table, every one ate about 6 candies. When the candies were put into the closet, each ate about 4 of them during the day. You are tempted to eat something when you see it. Some are tempted to eat it even if they aren’t hungry and often eat everything at once.

How to avoid this danger? Keep food in a place where you have less chance to see it… Advice: when you feel like eating something, you’d better take some fruit.

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