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A Tempting Dessert?

Shops, restaurants, commercials… Everything keeps telling us “Eat! Eat more and more often!” We obey and start eating even when we have no appetite.


Why, even after a delicious and substantial dinner, can’t we resist a tempting dessert? Why do we eat the whole pack of chips when we intended to taste just 4-5 of them?


Scientists are convinced that the tendency to overeat is formed under the influence of inner factors. One does not need a lot to exceed the norm: the difference between the consuming and expending calories is only 50 a day for most of us. Those who gain weight slowly - about 2 lbs a year - can keep their stable weight if they manage to diminish their daily consumption by 50 calories. If they diminish it by 100 calories they would start loosing weight.


The main provocative factor of overeating is accessibility of food. Many of us just cannot refuse something tempting lying on a cute gold plate. An interesting research has been done recently: its participants ate soup from a bowl without a “bottom”, which was filled with soup by a tank that was under the table so that no one noticed it. Most of the participants ate more soup that usual. When they learned about the trick some of them returned to their daily norm, and some kept eating non-stop.


Attractive TV commercials, a big and not expensive package of the product and so on can make your mouth water. Only some of us can refuse the invitation to join the table.


We will mention 6 of the most frequent dangers that cause overeating.

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