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Elderly Relatives: How to Care for Them

  • If the old person bothers you with constant advice and interferes

    with your life because he is more senior and therefore knows what is

    better, do not offend him saying: "Stay out of it, it’s not

    your business". If you are irritated by your grandmother’s

    advice, it is better to pay no attention, or to withdraw the conversation

    from this topic.

  • When your relative begins to suffer from the senile diseases

    connected with frustration of mind, as a rule, it causes the sharpest

    shock because he is still the same person, nevertheless not the same.

    Alas, there is nothing to do but to accept this fact as a reality. It

    is only necessary not to miss that moment when the elderly person becomes

    dangerous to you and your children. In this case, it is necessary to

    consider isolation.

  • In many respects, relations with old people depend on the level

    of patience of their relatives. If the person is patient, he can

    resignedly bear the cross no matter how heavy it is, but everything

    has a limit. If the mother (or the grandmother) is egoistic, it is quite

    possible that she will not let him go and will control him all his life,

    turning it into hell. In this case, the belief that "She is my

    mum, I am obliged to her for everything I have, therefore I should endure

    all this" is not correct. Everything has a limit.

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