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Workplace Peace

There is always somebody at your workplace who you get along with and someone who bothers you. Perhaps you feel comfortable with a pessimistic person or a talkative coworker who likes to gossip. In general, there are a lot of reasons to be unhappy but it's important to learn how to manage your own irritation.


If you catch yourself feeling irritated by someone, don’t suppress the feeling - try to find a solution. You are the only one suffering. If you’ve felt this way before, then sooner or later you will burst with emotion, telling the person you dislike all you think about him or her, or you might even leave the workplace.


So, let’s learn to fight dissatisfaction and irritation.

Admit the fact that you are also responsible for the uncomfortable situation that has occurred.


You may think that that the person you dislike is solely responsible for the situation. But in reality, it takes at least two people to create the problem. The thing that irritates you may not be so disturbing for your colleagues. Figure out why a person irritates you and causes negative emotions. Quite often it is because somebody reminds us of an uncomfortable situation from the past, interferes with our job or constantly gives advice about what to do. Whatever the reason is, admit that some of it is your own fault.


Believe that the problem can be solved.


Remember that any situation can be solved and the solution is usually simple and doesn’t require any radical changes (like leaving the company).


Try to find something positive in the person irritating you.


All people, despite our feelings toward them, deserve respectable treatment. That is why you should at least be gentle with the people who you don’t like. Remember that by humiliating other people you humiliate yourself. Try to find some positive traits in people who irritate you; everyone has them. Positive things will weaken (or even completely eliminate) your irritation with somebody.


Try to find a solution.


You cannot change other people so the responsibility for finding a solution is entirely yours. Use all your resources and imagination. Asking yourself how you could change your attitude won’t make it worse. How can you transform the situation? Should you talk to a coworker directly and discuss how you might fix the problem? Maybe you are concentrating on this issue just to escape dealing with other problems you face at your workplace?

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