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Clothing Tips for Petite Women

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If you have a petite body structure, it is significant for you to dress properly. This statement applies to almost every woman regardless of her size or shape, but if you have a petite body, it becomes more important for you to dress in a way that makes you look longer and leaner. This can be done with the clothing styles you choose and the hair styles you wear. Here are a few tips that can help in choosing the right clothes for petite women:



The first thing that you need to give attention to is the clothes that you wear under your dress. Whatever size bra you are wearing, make sure that it fits you properly. Its straps should not fall off your shoulders, and your breasts should not fall out of the bra. If this happens to you often, this means that you are not wearing the right bra. Get properly fitted and choose your bra carefully.


Dress color

Dressing in a single color from shoulders to shoes can be a trick that can make you look taller. If you want to look slimmer and increase your height at the same time, then try to dress yourself in a dark color. It always gives a slimming effect to the wearer.


Dress lines

If you have a petite body, you should give consideration to its lines also. Try to avoid any horizontal lines on your dress, as they make you appear rounder. On the contrary, vertical lines make you look taller and leaner. This does not mean that you should choose to wear vertical stripes all of the time. Even if your dress has a single vertical line, it can give you the desired look you are longing for.


High heels

One thing you can do to make you self look taller is to wear higher heels than you normally wear. This will not only create an illusion of being taller, but it will actually add some inches to your height. You can wear pumps or slingbacks for this purpose. Try to avoid too many straps going up your legs. Although such shoes may look good, they break up vertical lines that are helpful in increasing height.


If you have short height and a round body, what we call a petite figure, then you can use these clothing tips to increase your height and appear slimmer.

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