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During the workout:

  1. Don’t work out with on empty stomach.
    60-90 minutes before the work out eat something rich in fiber or low-carbon. It will make you train longer and harder. Strictly follow these time limits: if you eat earlier or later you won’t have the desired effect. Eat a sandwich on a thin slice of bread with boiled chicken or low-fat cheese or just drink a glass of milk.
  2. Breathe through the nose.
    Use nose breathing – it stabilizes the heart rate, enriches the blood with oxygen and stimulates fat burning. But you have to get used to it first because initially it feels unusual. But after 2-3 workouts you will start doing it automatically.
  3. Dynamic aerobics go at the end of the workout.
    Your body needs about 15 minutes to warm up and start burning fat. That’s why if you begin cycling first and do it for 30 minutes, the fat is burnt only during the last quarter of an hour. Start your workout with stretching, then do static power exercises (with dumbbells, for example) and then do intensive dynamic aerobics (cycling, running).
  4. Change the type of exercise.
    You like cycling or running in the morning? Then you should know: the more you do a certain type of exercise, the more your body gets used to it and the less fat is burned. If you want to speed up your metabolism do something different. Your body is not used to a new type of activity and has to double the intensity, keeping the tone long after the workout.
  5. Do power exercises
    Power exercises are the best way to burn fat. One kilo of muscles uses 9 times more calories than one kilo of fat even if you are just sitting and doing nothing. Power workouts speed up your metabolism in stationary mode, so it stays high for two hours after you stopped training. If you don’t have time to go to a gym you can workout at home using 2-3 kilo dumbbells.
  6. Sport activities before menstruation.
    You can loose weight more easily when you exercise during the last phase of menstrual cycle, than during any other time. A higher level of estrogen and progesterone speed up metabolism and with their help, the body burns fat. As the latest scientific research shows, women burn 30% more calories during the time two weeks after ovulation and two days before menstruation.

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