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Exercise for Leg Development

Due to these exercises your legs will be slim and your buttocks will be firm without any hint of cellulite.


Cardiovascular exercises perfectly burn all fat deposits, but according to some research weight-lifting exercises are much better for strengthening muscles of legs and buttocks. We offer you two super-efficient exercises. A combination of leaps and curtsies will work the muscles of the buttocks and the front and back of the hips. The muscles are strained by up and down movements; this allows for maximum results in minimal terms. The foot-press with toes outwards also strengthens the muscles of the inner hip.


  1. Combination of leaps and curtsies with loads This exercise strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and the front and back surfaces of the hips. For performing this exercise, you'll need a stuffed ball weighing 5.5 pounds. Keep it in your hands at breast level. Your legs should be shoulder-width apart, your shoulders should be straight, and your abdominal muscles should be flexed. Bend your knees and make a curtsy as if you want to sit on a chair edge. Your knees should be directly over your ankle bones when performing this exercise. Don't bend backwards. When you’re ready, strain the muscles of the buttocks and hips and jump up. Simultaneously draw your hands upwards. Having landed, bend your elbows and set your arms at breast level. Repeat this combination. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions with 1-minute breaks. If you haven't made curtsies before, then for the first 2 weeks perform only curtsies and later add leaps.
  2. Foot-press with toes outward This exercise strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, and also the front, back, and inside of the hips. Sit on the seat of a training apparatus and press yourself tightly to the back of it. Place your legs shoulder-width apart and move your toes and knees aside. Put your arms on the handles. Release the stopper of the training apparatus. Straighten your legs and flex your abdominal muscles, then bend your knees at a right angle and push the support while flexing the muscles of your buttocks and hips. The main effort should be on heels. Perform 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions with 1-minute breaks as intervals. The recommended load is 40-44 pounds.


Perform these exercises twice a week with a 1-day rest period.


You can burn calories in different ways:


Type of rest

How many calories will you burn?

Going to the beach by bicycle,

or by car;



Swimming the crawl,

or lying on an air bed;



Making sand castles,

or reading a novel;



Playing volleyball,

or going to the cinema;



Going in for rowing,

or shopping.




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