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Exercise for the Buttocks

You certainly will agree that most people’s glances tend to focus on one distinct area – the buttocks. But what should you do if your buttocks aren’t as fabulous as you want them to be? How can you change the situation? Today we’ll tell you.


You shouldn’t be under the impression that you can exercise this part of your body only in fitness club. Although fitness clubs, gyms, and swimming pools are at your disposal, you unfortunately can’t repeat some of the gym exercises at home. For example, you wouldn’t be able to do aqua aerobics in your bathroom even if it did look like a swimming pool.


So the only exercises that are left are the ones that are used at lessons of aerobics and fitness. Today we’ll learn one of them.


Most exercises described in magazines are aimed at the development of the large buttock muscle. Our aim today is to exercise the middle buttock muscle. The technique of the exercise is easy and doesn’t require special equipment. It can be done by people of different physical fitness levels.


Assume the initial position: lying on your side, one leg should be bent in the knee and one leg should be straight. Your head should be on the shoulder of the forward arm. Your pelvis should be perpendicular to the floor (photo 1).


Slowly lift your straight leg and hold it up for a few seconds (photo 2). While lifting the leg, pay attention to the position of the foot because it influences the effectiveness of the exercise. The main condition during the lift is that the heel must point upwards.


The main mistakes in doing this exercise are:


  • turning of the pelvis and foot upwards; this redistributes the pressure on the muscles of the forepart of the hip (photo 3).
  • Breathing technique during the exercise: exhale when lifting, inhale when returning to the initial position. Breath should be smooth. Try not to puff and blow.


For a notable result, it’s necessary to do 15-20 repetitions in one set and 3-4 sets during the workout.


Good luck!


Photo 1



Photo 2



Photo 3


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