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Exercises for the Shoulders and Back

A beautiful back and shoulders are one of the most noticeable areas of the body. The muscle that this area consists of is called the deltoid muscle. It is situated towards the rear of the shoulder joint and is difficult to train because it requires correct technique.


There is a good exercise that can be done at home, without the necessity of expensive machines, which accomplishes the correct technique for working the deltoid muscle. It is referred to as a “seated lateral raise” and uses the assistance of an exercise ball. You will need the following equipment for this exercise:


  • A large exercise ball: it will aid in developing both strength and balance.
  • Dumbbells: it is preferable to use smaller weights because excess weight will only destroy the technique.


Instructions: While sitting on the ball, lean forward with the back and abs flexed and the arms relaxed. For better balance, place the feet a little wider than the width of the shoulders with the legs bent in a 90 degree angle (Photo 1).




Photo 1





Upon exhaling, raise the arms to the sides while keeping an angle in the elbows (Photo 2).




Photo 2





Slowly put them down. Remember that the hands should be in line with the forearms and shouldn’t be bent at the wrists. The neck should also be in line with the back. Depending on your exercise goal, take several factors into consideration.


  • If your aim is to work the shoulders, try not to connect your shoulder blades.
  • If your aim is to work on balance, try to connect the shoulder blades.


Photo 3 shows a stretch for the trained muscle. While sitting, raise the arm to shoulder level, press it towards your body and push upwards slightly.



Photo 3





Pressing the shoulder upwards and outwards during the stretch is a common mistake. Try to keep the shoulders in-line with each other. You will know the stretch is effective when you feel it in the rear of your shoulder.

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