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Get On The Ball To Slim The Waist

Some women are so lucky! Slim waist, broad hips and no headaches about excess fat on their stomach and sides! Especially the sides, the place that worries most women. Only a few women can boast an absence of fat on the side areas of the body.


This is determined by genetics. The fat provides the protection of inner organs from different external influences like cold, possible injuries and shakes. That’s why the fat from the sides is the last to burn off during exercise. Plus, you need to take into consideration the constitution of your body; some women have less problems burning fat at the sides and can get a thin waist more easily, while others have to spend hours in the gym and limit their favorite dishes.


And the difficulty with side fat is not only esthetic. It is so unpleasant to have this “saving ring” pouring out the skirt or pants. Of course, the emergence of low slung jeans and pants gave women and girls some freedom and comfort but the problem is still there. The solution is in diet and exercise.


Exercising your side muscles will keep those sexy curves, while removing the excess fat from the sides. Of course there are some “buts”.


First of all, exercises for waist should not become the only solution to all your problems. You should have reasonable and balanced training, otherwise you can boost the side muscles and get the negative result; trained side muscles, like any other muscle, will grow and make your waist thicker.


Today we want to introduce an exercise which will strengthen your side muscles through systematic trainings and free you from the unnecessary fat at your sides. Exercising on the ball will bring something new to the workout.


The first step is the easiest and most important: your correct positioning on the ball.


Your body should in be a straight line with your leg, as shown in Photo 1. One hand is placed on the ball and the other behind the head.


While inhaling, raise the upper part of the body, bending to the straight leg (Photo 2). Exhale and assume the initial position.


If you don’t want to enlarge the weight, do the exercise 15 – 20 times. If you feel a burning sensation before you have made the 15th time, you should pause.


For those who can do the exercise easily, we suggest the more complicated version where your lift your leg. You lift the leg simultaneously with lifting the body (Photo 3). You put you the leg down while exhaling.


Good luck!




Photo 1









Photo 2









Photo 3





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