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How to Decide on a Fitness Program

You want to look good? A flat belly, well-shaped legs and a royal carriage won’t appear without any efforts. To make your body slim and beautiful in the shortest possible time, you need to choose the right fitness program. But which one? The abundance of choices puzzles not only a beginner. Let’s find out what you need! So, if your target is:


Losing weight as soon as possible


Cycle - an imitation of a team road racing on cycle-trainers. You’ll have an opportunity to feel the real tension of a road race with other cyclists. The given program was invented in the early 1990s by an American cyclist, John Golderg, on the basis of testing heart activity.


Cycling helps to lose weight in record time limits; your energy demands are 750 calories per hour without the need for exhausting exercises. Pushing the pedals in a hard-easy pattern shapes your hips, buttocks and calves quite quickly. Cycle training exercises are not recommended to women with the initial stage of venereal disease.


Flexibility & Grace


Flex - a program based on the method called Pilates which gathers all the best achievements of such other programs like Fitness – Yoga, Bodyballet, Callanetic, Stretching, etc. Flex’s main distinctive feature is complex work over the entire body. Exercises increase muscle tone, develop flexibility and coordination, refine the carriage, and make the movements fluid as if you were born in a dance hall. Your carriage is improving; joints acquire mobility and the body acquires lightness. Instead of exercising your back, press, and legs separately, you work over the whole body at once. This method promotes energy circulation and accumulation in your body. Flex is an ideal addition to your everyday sport activity; the exercises usually make a good addition to a general aerobic regimen.


Beautiful hips and buttocks


Step aerobics - rhythmical movements up and down on special step pile-planking. The height of it changes in accordance with the level of difficulty. Exercises develop joint mobility, form the foot curve, train balance, and help to get rid of a great deal of calories. Step aerobics improve your figure enormously, especially the shapes of shins, hips and buttocks.


Be prepared for a surprise because the exercise starts with easy, basic movements but after a couple of transformations it reaches heights you’ve never dreamed of!


Supporting the shape


Aquaerobics – exercises in water using its resistance. Such exercises are painless, but they simultaneously load your body three times harder than ground-based exercises. This is achieved due to surmounting water resistance. In addition, the effect of hydro massage is very useful for the skin.


Such exercises can be held in either shallow or deep water. The deep-water exercises develop body coordination, especially because it’s necessary to keep your balance in the water (a hydrobelt or pipes made from light plastic are used for this). Unhealthy, overweight, or unable to swim people should do the exercises while standing on a platform connected to the bottom of the pool. Pool exercises equally suit young and sporty women the same as they do aged and unhealthy women. They are recommended to future mothers and to all people trying to recover following traumas and surgical treatment. Aquaerobics is quite perfect for the beginning swimmer, and for those who suffer from venereal disease.


Well-shaped legs


Dancing - a little-known secret of fitness. Only with the help of dancing can you make your legs well-shaped. Your legs have several muscles and each one has its own function! Ordinary exercises do not load all groups of muscles. Professionals in fitness dancing assure that illustrious breeches appear in particular because you do not dance! You need dancing!!! The difference between losing calories when dancing compared to an ordinary training class is minimal. Only half an hour of moving to the music and you can turn into the queen of beauty: your eyes will sparkle, your skin will blush, and your mood will jump up! You can become a star of evening dance floors, gain a perfect carriage, and add to your self-confidence!


Harmony of body and soul, excellent carriage.


Yoga – well-proven by thousands of years of developing personality through physical perfection and inner harmony. Yoga is a practical philosophy based on comprehending of our general human nature. Yoga classes develop strength, flexibility, endurance to physical strains, and accumulate body energy (i.e. you start feeling well). The body’s immune level rises, and secretory functions and element exchanges improve. A person becomes more stable, gets rid of shyness, and gets rid of the dependence on negative outward factors.


What fitness club to choose?


First of all, before you make up your mind, pay attention to the qualifications of the instructors. Talk to people who have already been attending that club. Look through the list of services: a good club will offer you a wide variety of fitness programs. If there are additional

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