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Working on the Legs

The beauty of women’s legs doesn’t restrict itself to the notion that “straight means beautiful”. In many cases, women workout with increased attention to the buttocks and the inner and outer parts of the hips.


Muscles in the front part of the hips, namely the quadriceps, are somehow frequently ignored. This most likely happens because of the opinion that it’s not hard for women to have full legs.


There are a few things, however, that women should consider in regards to their legs. One is that it’s not much of an extra burden to add an exercise to a routine that works the quadriceps muscle. Second, you shouldn’t forget that leg muscles assist in stabilizing the entire body. In particular, the quadriceps gives stability to the knee joint, and ultimately aids in strengthening the knee. So do not forget about this muscle. This is even more true if you spend most of your workday sitting in a chair. Sedentary lifestyles cause the muscle to be in a stretched position, and therefore the tone of the leg decreases.


Take the starting position: while standing, lean on the back of a chair with your back and stomach muscles flexed (photo 1).


Photo 1



From the starting position, raise your bent knee so that your hip is parallel to the floor. When it is raised, turn it so that your knee faces away from your body (photo 2).


Photo 2



Then, with an outward breath, straighten your leg and hold this position one or two seconds (photo 3); return it to the starting position.


Photo 3



Throughout the exercise you should try to maintain good posture. Do the exercise 15-20 times with one leg, and then 15-20 times with the other leg – be sure to stretch the muscle as you go. To stretch, stand on one leg while bending the other one backwards. The knee of the bent leg should be pointed towards the floor, and your body should be held with good posture. The same stretch should be completed with both legs (photo 4).


Photo 4


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