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Using an Exercise Ball to Develop Your Back Muscles

We have already talked about the value of physical activities for the back muscles.


Sometimes it is enough to broaden the shoulders, trim the belly, and – surprise! - there is something resembling a beautiful body. But when we relax and forget about the body, everything assumes its initial condition. How can we keep the results we achieved and maintain our beautiful body for a long time?


Besides exercises for the so-called surface muscles, the secret is that you need to strengthen the deep muscles which keep the spinal vertebrae fixed in one position during movement. You can train them by doing exercises

which require the maintaining of balance. One of these exercises we offer you today.


You will need a fitness ball. Initial position: lie with your belly on the ball and put your arms and legs on the floor. During the exercise try not to raise your head, and try to keep it in-line with your back.


Raise your right arm and left leg simultaneously. Both the arm and the leg should be straight and flexed. Hold still for a few moments in the upper position, and then do the same thing with the other pair of limbs. While alternating the legs and arms slowly, do several lifts of each pair making sure to pay attention to the technique.


Try to maintain your balance for as long as you can because this exercise perfectly trains all muscles of the back. This, in turn, develops excellent posture and develops the deep muscles of the back due to balancing on the ball.


Initial position



Final position



Wrong position


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