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Training the Buttocks

There is no use in arguing about the part of the body that women train most. It goes without saying that it’s the buttocks. They are either naturally in shape or in need of training.


Of course, fitness is not the easiest way to build round buttocks -- but it’s surely the most effective and safe from a health point-of-view. Besides, the result for all your efforts (like health and satisfaction) is worth it.


First and foremost, don’t forget to get ready for the exercise: finish all domestic work, choose the appropriate music, and do the warm up.




Get on the back; keep the arms along the body. Legs are bent in knees and feet are on the fitness-ball (Photo 1).


Photo 1



Starting from the initial position and keeping the feet on the ball, lift the pelvis. At the upper part of the lift, flex the buttocks. Try to lift the pelvis to a level where it forms one line with the back and hips (Photo 2). Then, while exhaling, assume the initial position.


Photo 2



If you want to make the exercise more difficult, pull the ball towards the buttocks after lifting the pelvis, flexing the muscles in the back part of the hips. Try to keep the pelvis still (Photo 3). Try to do 10-15 lifts until you feel a “burning” sensation in the muscles.


Photo 3



It will be very hard to keep the ball under the feet while exercising. Try to distribute the pressure evenly. The more you try, the better you will feel balancing and distributing the pressure on the ball. This will additionally train the feeling of balance.

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