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Toning Your Abdominals

When looking through a magazine we often pay attention not only to the clothes, but to the bodies of the models who wear the clothes. When a model is wearing only gloves, for example, the only thing left is to evaluate the advantages of her body. Usually what happens is that you feel that you should immediately go to the gym. After all, there is no woman who doesn’t dream of creating toned abs on her belly.


Toned abs are a dream for everyone, especially those who sacrifice all of their free time for diets and physical exercise. But if you decide to work on your body only after looking through magazines, do not dream too much. For some people it’s easy to create toned abs because they have low levels of fat (in school they usually had a nickname of “skeleton”). For others, it’s almost impossible. Most people belong to the so-called mixed type. Whether or not they have toned abs depends on their way of life and the kinds of physical exercise that they do. Today we offer you one of the exercises that will help you to create a flat belly and toned abs.


Take the initial position by lying on your back with your legs on the chair (like it is shown on the picture). Stretch your arms toward your knees. While exhaling, slowly lift the upper part of your body. Hold this position, then slowly let yourself back down. Remember: the loins shouldn’t lift. Try to continue this exercise until you feel a burning sensation -- but not less than 15-20 repeats in the set. The more sets you do, the better. You should start with 1-2 sets and then increase to 3 or more.


If you have accumulated a lot of fat during the winter and haven’t burned it off during the spring, anaerobic exercise will help you to reveal your abs.


Initial position



Final position



Wrong position


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