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Toning the Stomach and Buttocks

The shortage of free time during a workday is a problem for many people, including those who draw a well-deserved salary for their work. That’s why exercising the body is difficult, especially if it is remembered that a dinner-break is not flexible and that the patience of the boss has its end.


In such cases you can try to work several groups of muscles at the same time. For example, the muscles of the spinal column (these are the muscles that are situated deeply inside), the transverse muscle of the stomach, and the buttocks can all be worked at the same time.


Begin by assuming a position as if you want to wring out a table. Make sure that your back is straight, and your stomach should be flexed in order to avoid any bending in your waist. Your pelvis shouldn’t go up or down. Try to stretch yourself in one straight line.


By using a position such as the one you started with, you are ensuring that the transverse muscles of your stomach are being worked – just as they would hold your body in the right position during the fulfilling of the whole exercise (photo 1).


Photo 1




From the starting position, exhale and raise your leg (the heel is directed upward) while at the same time trying not to change the position of your body. The raised leg should be straight and not bent in the knee (photo 2). When you reach the upper point of the exercise, take a breath and smoothly return your leg to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg. Complete the exercise 5-10 times with each leg.



Photo 2




This exercise demands a steady pace. Under no circumstances should you try to do the exercise with quick or jerky movements, and you should not hold your breath. You can make the exercise more difficult if you take a position whith the forearms and the elbows on the table (photo 3).



Photo 3




The stretching of the muscle of the buttocks. While in the standing position, bend your knee and place the lower one-third of the shank of the bended leg on the lower one-third of the hip of the basic leg. Then bend the basic leg in the knee joint, and at the same time stretch with the stomach to the shank of the other leg (photo 4).



Photo 4



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