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The Key to Sexy Arms? Try the Triceps

One of the problem-zones of the body for many women is the part of arms where the triceps muscle is situated. It’s also called the three-head shoulder muscle. Anyone who doesn’t intentionally exercise the triceps (in everyday life this muscle is used less often than the biceps), this muscle can’t be toned and this affects the shape of the arms!


When your arms are down, it’s nearly unnoticeable. But when you lift an arm to give directions or to wave goodbye, triceps start trembling, looking like some sort of jelly mass. Many women try to solve this problem by wearing shirts with long sleeves, but in fact it doesn’t solve the problem.


An extremely effective exercise, that doesn’t take much time or space, is a simple straightening of the arm.


First, find some free some space. Now assume the initial position: take a small step out, put one hand on the hip of the front leg, the bend the other arm at a right angle and lift it so your lower arm is parallel to the ground (Photo 1)


Photo 1



Inhale, and then while exhaling straighten the arm at the elbow (Photo 2). Then bend the arm while inhaling. Do 15-20 repetitions for each arm, changing the positioning of the legs for each arm.


Photo 2



It’s a clear that the effectiveness of the exercise depends on the right technique. So try to avoid the following mistakes:


  • Elbow of the working hand is moving up or down
  • “switching” of the elbow in the upper position
  • curving of the back
  • large swinging motions. In this case you do this exercise by not swinging the arm, and not by flexing the triceps.


Stretching of the three-head shoulder muscle


Assume the initial position. Move the arm, bent at the elbow, behind the back, slightly pressing on the elbow with your other hand, stretching the muscles of the back of the arm (Photo 3).


Photo 3


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