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Strengthen Your Buttocks

Most women have wished to have a round and strong buttocks. Besides, this part of the body creates interest in the male population of the world and we look for various ways to keep it toned.


As usual, there is no time to go to fitness clubs and spring is coming. But that’s not a reason to be sad! Today we suggest one great exercise that will help us to develop this part of the body. The exercise is called “come outs”.


Stand with your feet placed shoulder-width apart, hands on your waist, and your belly and back flexed. Step back far enough with your right leg that you could make a straight angle between the ankle and the hip with the right leg as well as with the left one (Photo 1).


Photo 1



Go down from the initial position. The knee of your right leg will serve as the criteria of correctness; it shouldn’t go past the front edge of the toe. Watch the angle of this knee, it should stay broad but not less than 90 degrees. The heel of the back leg shouldn’t touch the floor (Photo 2).


Photo 2



When rising up, try to use the heel of the foreleg and keep the back leg relaxed and use it only for balancing.


Do not straighten the foreleg completely; keep the body straight -- your arms should move freely, helping to keep your balance. The optimal number of sets is 2 or 3, with 10-20 “come outs” for each leg.


It is not enough just to rise when doing the exercise. The best result can only be achieved if you apply maximum efforts, deliberately straining the working muscles during the exercise. Your breath should match the amplitude of the exercise: exhale during rising.


Avoid the following mistakes:


  • moving the knee beyond the foot;
  • leaning forward;
  • redistributing pressure to the forestanding leg (Photo 3). Good luck training!


Photo 3


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