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Straighten up! Regaining Proper Posture After Childbirth

Many women, after having a child, begin to notice that their posture is starting to slump. If after giving birth a woman doesn’t sufficiently exercise and strengthen her muscles that have grown weak and stretched during and after pregnancy, then a woman’s posture will grow worse.


One of the muscles to which this often occurs are the rhomb-like muscles, like the ones found just to the left and to the right of the spine. Rhomb-like muscles start from the chest and neck portions of the spine and are attached to the inner side of the shoulder blades. These muscles keep the shoulder blades close to the spine, and if kept in tone, support a straight spine and graceful posture.


There are a lot of exercises that involve the use of this muscle. One of them is straightening the spine on a ball while simultaneously bringing the shoulder blades together.




Place the ball under the lower part of the belly so you could stand on your tows and keep your balance. Extend your arms above your head and, touching your shoulders with your ears, arch the spine and relax the corresponding muscles (photo 1).


Photo 1



From the initial position lift up your body simultaneously with your arms and maintain this position in the upper point. Then, bending your arms at the elbows, try to move your shoulder blades as close together as you can (photo 2). All these movements are done while inhaling and without pausing in breath.


Photo 2



Then, in the opposite order, straighten the arms and assume the initial position of the body.


Stretching: From the initial position, sitting on the ball, connect your extended arms in front of you, curve your spine and put your head down with your chin nearly touching your chest and stretch forward (photo 3).


When you do this exercise the muscles located between your shoulder blades will stretch. But it should be noted that you shouldn’t overdo this exercise because overstretching of the rhomb-like muscles causes problems in posture.


Photo 3



Good luck!!!

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