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Slim those hips!

Everyone knows there are no limits to perfection. Though beauty is subjective, most women who choose a lifestyle of fitness are dreaming about slim hips.


Today let’s look at the back of the hips. Standard problems in this area are cellulite and low muscle tone.


By themselves, these problems don’t bother you or other people. The main problem isn’t even the look (everybody has their own definitions of female beauty) but there is a negative influence on the body – excess weight can hurt your joints. The knee joint can be hurt if the front and back of the hips are not in proportion to each other.


How can we train this part of body at home? Here’s an exercise that doesn’t require any expensive machines or lots of space.


Initial position – Standing by the wall, your arms are at shoulders length touching the wall in front of you, elbows are a little bit bent. The working leg is bent at the knee and there is something squeezed between the thigh and the shin. The knee is facing the floor (Photo 1)


Begin the exercise by moving the leg back without letting the weight fall (Photo 2).


Try to do this exercise 15-20 times and then change legs.


While doing the exercise watch your back; don’t let it bend too much. Don’t allow the body to lean forward and keep your heel on the floor (Photo 3).


As one man said: “Beautiful legs are women’s weapon of mass destruction.” So if you do this exercise regularly, you will manage this weapon professionally. Good luck!



Photo 1









Photo 2









Photo 3





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