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How to Slim-Down Your Hips

Beautiful legs are a dream of every woman. Nowadays, even a woman’s character can be defined by her legs. Very often long-legged women are romantic, sensible, and dreamy persons. It’s relatively difficult for them to solve problems by themselves, but they always have enough strength to uphold their maxims if necessary.


On the other hand, short-legged women have quite a changeable mood, they neatly go to a taken goal, and they can be placed among realists. Very often women are not fond of their form or of their legs, that’s why they wear shapeless and long clothes. But that’s not the best method of solving the problem. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves and shy of their own body, they would be better off cheering-up and working on their figure.


To achieve desirable legs it’s necessary to strengthen them from every side. Such “sides” include the buttocks, the muscles of the hips, and the inner and outer thighs. Most women tend to draw their basic attention to the buttocks and put off working on everything else. That’s not true of today -- we will instead concentrate on working the outer part of the hips.


While standing near a wall or a chair with a relatively high back, place the weight of the body weight on one leg. Turn the toe of your lifted leg slightly inwards, and hold your waist and belly in line with each other (photo 1). Complete the exercise as is shown in Photo 2, keeping in mind the following rules:


  • you should move your leg to the side. Try not to lift it too high, because if you do you are incorrectly working the oblique muscles;
  • only your leg should take part in the exercise -- that’s why it’s necessary to avoid inclinations of your body to the opposite side;
  • flex your belly and try not to slouch in your back;
  • the exercise should be done while exhaling.


To make it more difficult, you could slightly bend your support leg while completing the exercise (photo 3). Try to avoid the following mistakes: moving the leg backwards, hoisting the leg too high, bending the body to the side, or slouching your back and shoulders.


Photo 1



Photo 2



Photo 3



Photo 4


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