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A Warm-up for Tired Hands and Forearms

Due to long hours at the computer or a lot of time spent completing written work, muscles of the hands and forearms often get tired. During work, muscles of the forearms are strained even if they remain idle (if you write all the time), or work too much (if you sit at the computer). Both things lead to weariness of arms and hands.

It is possible to avoid such fatigue if you exercise the muscles of the forearms every two hours. This consists of both straining and stretching corresponding muscles. At the same time, you will strengthen weak wrist joints.


While sitting on a chair (arms on a table), an elbow is pressed to the table with the palm of this hand bent against the palm of the other hand (photo 1).



Photo 1





While exhaling, press the palm of the first hand with the palm of the second hand. Hold the position for three to five seconds, then raise and stretch the muscles that have just been strained (photo 2).




Photo 2





Next, arrange your hands as shown in photo 3. One forearm should remain on the table (see photo), while your other hand presses against your up-turned wrist.




Photo 3





While exhaling, hold the press for three to five seconds. When finished, raise one arm above the table, holding your fingertips downwards, and pull down while pressing with your free hand. Pull hard to intensify the stretch as you progress. (photo 4).




Photo 4





While completing the stretch, it is not necessary to twist the wrists at odd angles or move your hands further than feels comfortable. Keep your movements smooth and make sure you don’t strain muscles by pushing them beyond their normal limits.


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