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Simple Stretching Exercises

After a being in one position for a length of time, there is a desire to rise, stretch and limber up. Often such a desire appears in the office or during a long session at a desk, for example, while preparing for examinations. Muscles are always in a constant static strain, and others are rather weakened. The exercises given below will help direct a flow of oxygen-enriched blood to muscles, improve the feel of muscles, and accordingly, your state of health.


Exercises for stretching, as well as others, demand maintenance of basic rules: efficiency and safety. And it, in its turn, depends on correct technique. Remember, if you have not stretched before, try not to be zealous the first time. This can lead to a stretched muscle that will cause severe pain. You will only cause yourself unforgettable painful sensations, which will not be an efficiency index. That’s why it’s unnecessary to rush them.

Stretching of the quadriceps (the front of the hip). Stand straightly; hold the leg with the same arm, then direct the knee to the floor. The waist should be straight, press muscles until they are strained (photo 1). If you do not keep balance in the final position, it is possible to put a hand on a back of a chair. It will provide a stable position and help to avoid undesirable falling.





Photo 1






Possible mistakes: an inclination of the body forward or taking the knee to the side.


Stretching the gluteus. The basic leg is bent; the other leg is put on the thigh. Keeping the body straight, incline forward (move the belly to the thigh of the bent leg) (photo 2). As well as in the previous exercise, you could use a back of a chair.





Photo 2






Possible mistakes: a rounded back.


Stretching of the biceps (the rear of the hip). Bend in a knee to a basic leg, and put the other leg on your heel and incline the body forward. The back should be straight (photo 3).





Photo 3






Possible mistakes: a rounded back.


Stretching of the gastrocnemius muscle (the rear of a thigh). Lunge forward with a straight back. Make sure the heel of the back leg does not lose contact with the floor (photo 4).




Photo 4






Possible mistakes: losing contact with the floor with the heel of a back leg.

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