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A Workout for Your Breasts

Due to statistical investigations, every European woman appreciates a form of her bosom as far from being ideal. But in different countries an ideal can be different. For example, an Italian painting school canonized a heavy bosom, and an east tradition ennobles a small breast. That’s why the form of an “ideal bosom” is a relative concept.


Nevertheless, you should busy yourself with this part of a body. Try to complete the following test: place a pencil in a crease under a breast. If it falls down, your bosom is in good physical form. If it stays in a crease, you should consider the condition of your body.


Not many people know that ordinary physical exercises can help you to hold your bosom in tone. Today we suggest an exercise for breast muscles that can be done within the workplace.


Sit straight, raise your arms to shoulder-level, and bend them in at the elbow joints (photo 1). Exhale, and while flexing your breast muscles, bring your arms together in front of your body (photo 2). Do the exercise 5-10 times twice per day.


Next, put a chair aside and take a starting position with your hands on a table (photo 3). Take a breath and lower yourself until you are almost touching the edge of the table with your breasts. At the same time, your elbows should be directed exactly aside. Then, with an outward breath, push yourself back to the starting position (photo 4). Your neck should be held in-line with your back, and your head shouldn’t move up or down. Do the exercise 10-15 times; if some strength is left, do one or two more repetitions. After you’ve done the exercises you should stretch the breast muscles. To do this, raise your arms up and back – imagine that you want to unite your elbows behind your back (photo 5).


Breast beauty also depends upon how much a woman eats. For example, mineral water helps your skin to preserve elasticity and washes out unhealthy slag from your body. A harsh diet, however, causes breast skin to quickly lose its elasticity and become wrinkled. Regardless of what breasts a woman has, a great art is to accept yourself as you are and to arrange everything that nature has prized you with. Grow fond of your breasts, take care of them, and keep them healthy with physical exercises.



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