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Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscles

There isn’t a single person on earth, who has never experienced a lower back pain. As a rule, it’s caused when the discs between vertebras are pressed and vertebras get closer to each other.


This results in enlargement of the contact surface and formation of bone excrescences (osteophites) which clang the nerves. Back injuries and other backbone diseases can also cause pain.


The lower back is the most vulnerable place because it experiences the strongest pressure compared to the other backbone areas. Additionally, not a lot of people train back muscles, which play the role of back stabilizers.


Also, we usually lift heavy objects with rounded back. The discs can’t bear such pressure; they get pressed and loose elasticity.


Warming belts are very popular today. This is okay, but you have to remember that they bring relief and neutralize the pain but don’t fight the main cause of the problem – muscle weakness.


Getting rid of the main cause requires constant training, which will help strengthen the back muscles and fix the vertebras.


The following exercise is a good one for training back muscles. Initial position: Lie on the ball, which is placed under the shoulder blades. The pelvis is down, feet are parallel to each other and arms can be placed on the waist or behind the head (Photo 1).


(Photo 1)


While exhaling, raise the pelvis until it is parallel to the floor (Photo 2) and then put it down in the initial position.


(Photo 2)


You should do the exercise 15-20 times with a rest of 1-2 minutes. After each set you should stretch the strained muscles. Bend your knees and brace yourself behind the legs, then try to stretch the waist up without straightening the knees (Photo 3).


(Photo 3)


Please be careful! Before doing the exercise consult your doctor. Perhaps you need an easier version of this exercise.

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