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Improving Your Posture

Just think whom you quickly pay attention to – a man with a straight back, straightened shoulders, and a high-held head, or a man that moves stooping and hiding his head in his shoulders. Or, for example, you’re on the subway and see an unusually wonderful man, but all charm disappears when you see that as he goes he has a round back and shoulders near his ears and – Lord forbid! – one shoulder higher than the other. It’s as if, with the help of a magic wand, a nice person turns into an unremarkable one.


Remember models; many of them are not at all beautiful, but they are well-groomed and never let themselves stoop or make a back round. Of course you may say that life is hard, work is sedentary, you have no time to go to fitness-clubs and, on the whole, life is so that you simply couldn’t think of worrying about your posture. I fully agree with you: life is hard, and bags are heavy, and work is sedentary, but there is one BUT there…a small fitness-club could be organized by you at your workplace so that you could occupy yourself with the improvement of your posture. If your back gets tired quickly and you feel pain, it’s high time to draw attention on yourself. You can do some simple exercises on your own, without the presence of a personal trainer. An exercise that we suggest to you here helps you to strengthen your back and relieve back strain.


Starting position: standing, with your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips (photo 1). While exhaling, bend forward; your back should be straight, your shoulder blades should be together, and your hands should be on your hips (photo 2). To do the exercise correctly, you should think of sinking your belly as low as possible. While bending, you should move your pelvis backwards while at the same time folding your legs in a little at the knee joints. Pause slightly, then move up while inhaling. Stretch with your shoulder blades towards the ceiling (photo 3). A mistake would be to bend forward with a rounded back (photo 4).


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