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Winter Care Tips for Plants

Quite often, window plants that looked good in summer are stunted and spindly in winter; their leaves turn yellow and fall off. The reason is that growing conditions have become less favorable for...

Tips for Growing Cactus

Cactuses – are one of the most popular and favorite window plants. They are unusual and mysterious. Their form and colors are original. They propagate easily and bloom wonderfully if the...

Purchasing and Nurturing a Perfect Houseplant

There are a lot of different domestic plants so it is easy to make a mistake when choosing decorative plants or flowers for the home. When visiting friends try to find out what kinds of domestic plants look...

How Plants Effect Our Emotions ?

On the basis of special studies, it was stated that females prefer blooming plants of red color.

Donít Toss that PitóPlant a Tree Instead!

If you have eaten any exotic fruits, don't be in a hurry to throw away its seeds. You can grow a wonderful and rare houseplant from seed. To do so, take seeds from avocado, kiwi, mango, pomegranate, peach, fig...

Caring for Fuchsia

- Fuchsia is a very beautiful houseplant, how to care for Fuchsia ?

Care Guidelines for House Plants

- How to Care for House Plants ?

Basic Care for Fatsia japonica

What is is Aralia ?

April Nourishing Brings May Flourishing

Spring is a special time for lovers of houseplants. It is a time for close care, replanting of old plants and buying new ones. March: Start fertilizing! In the middle of March you should start regular...

A Guide to Transplanting House Plants

When spring arrives, it’s likely that greenthumbs are excited to switch back into plant-care mode; the main constituent of this care being transplantation. Many gardeners have questions in connection...

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