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Donít Toss that PitóPlant a Tree Instead!

sow seeds of a tomato. However, to improve germination it is better to

store seeds in a refrigerator for a month or two. You should then put

them in a warm place for two to four weeks. You can sow kiwi seeds in

a flowerpot without putting them in deep soil. Water reasonably, not allowing

the ground to dry up. For the first time you can cover the flowerpot with

polyethylene creating a greenhouse effect and stimulating growth. Sprouts

should appear in one or two months.

Don't leave more than two sprouts in one flowerpot. Put the support

into the ground before liana has grown, or you will damage the roots if

you wait. Kiwi is a non-fastidious plant. You don't need to take special

care of it – liane will twine around the support all by itself.

During winter your liane can shed its leaves, as this period will be a

time of rest. But come spring it will continue growing. If left indoors

it won’t blossom and bear fruit.

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