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Winter Care Tips for Plants

room for the night.

Equipment that has been used for heating can be turned off for a period

time and should not run throughout the entire night as this will help

make the plants hardier.

Do not spray the velvet leaves of African violets and begonias. You

will need to turn the flowerpots to achieve equal lighting and growing.

Remove faded flowers and dry leaves immediately. Increase watering gradually,

so that the most water-resistant plants are watered twice a week.

Begin to water cactuses and succulents.

Use non-lime water for watering azaleas, gardenias, and


While transplanting divide bushes if there is not enough space for them

in the flowerpot.

Allow fresh air in your home regularly, but keep your plants from drafts

and temperature drops.

Cut bald stems of climbers and place in jars or vases for future plantings.

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