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Decorating Ideas For a Small Apartment

By correctly using the secrets of interior decorating, you can enlarge the space of even a small room. Let’s start with the little things – with the clean-up! Get rid of the things that you haven’t used for a year. Oh, sometimes you feel sorry for granny’s old squeaking couch, but do you want your apartment to look like a warehouse of used things?




The most drastic way of enlarging a space is changing the layout of the rooms. But this method is not always practical. By removing walls, we not only broaden the space, we also leave other rooms in the apartment without dividers. For example, the most fashionable combining of a bedroom and a bathroom leads to dampness in the bedroom, and in the bathroom you feel uncomfortable, sometimes even cold. But to get rid of the wall between the bathroom and the toilet – is one of the oldest methods that helps not only visually broaden the room, but also make is usable for a clothes washer, a big bath, etc.


It’s very popular to make a cabinet from a loggia: the wall between the ceiling and a windowsill is taken away and it turns into a desk. That’s why you should think it over and decide where the rooms will be and what living conditions are important for you personally.




Divide the space of an apartment into rooms – it’s the basis of planning a “wise” interior. Don’t reject a little hall; this is a very important part of an apartment. The entrance door must be separated from the other space so that you don’t feel that you are a guest in your own flat. Make up your mind what rooms are really important for you, and without which rooms can you easily manage to do everything. For example, a bachelor apartment may have only three rooms: a bathroom, a bedroom and a study; all these can be placed in 30 m3 of the whole space. Notice that there’s no kitchen in his apartment. In this case, a refrigerator, a microwave and other kitchen appliances will only take up precious space, but they can all be replaced with a cooker, a small cupboard and a teakettle, - less than 1 m3. Now it’s very popular for bachelors and couples, where the members of the family seldom cook. Think about it -- are there are any “unnecessary” rooms in YOUR apartment that you rarely use?




What do we need to divide rooms? It can be the original walls or a different design of walls and floors. If the room is small, the walls shouldn’t be solid if the construction doesn’t demand it. The point is that slight walls let the light in, and that’s why the apartment visually looks more spacious; the room looks longer. As a divider, you can use shelves, bars, a big aquarium, Venetian blinds, curtains, expanding doors made of glass, a refined stained-glass window, a “green” wall of climbing plants, etc. To change the interior, modern partition-screens will be very helpful. An excellent idea for one-room apartments is to make a closet between the hall and the living room (passage through the cloakroom). By the way, a ceiling-high closet needs less space than a usual closet and it is more spacious. Floor coverings also visually divide the apartment.


A place for keeping different things


The biggest problem in the smallest apartment is storage. One of the best solutions is to arrange the closet. You can’t build an expensive closet on your own: instead of doors, use jalousie or curtains, install a narrow bureau and a rod for clothes, build a mezzanine under the ceiling for things you rarely use. Enlarge the useful space of your apartment.




Of course, the furniture for small apartments should be chosen carefully. Most stores are not geared for such customers, offering huge beds, clumsy kitchens, etc. But there’s a way out in our stores – custom-built furniture. Use your imagination! Start using transformers! Use the whole space of your room: hide the TV set, get a Murphy bed that goes into the wall during the day, transform your desk into the kitchen-table when you have guests, etc.


The secrets of visually broadening your space


A mirror is important, but remember that it will have a really stunning effect only if you have a floor-to-ceiling mirror.


The sole color spectrum also serves to broaden the space visually. And for the apartment to look spacious, the rooms must be painted in light and soft yellowish colors. The color of the ceiling must differ from the color of the walls; it makes the ceiling appear higher.


Lighting can completely change an apartment. The lighter it is, the more spacious it looks. If you want to make it look cozier, take this advice: use general illumination for lighting decorative elements; for shelves – local lightening; for tables and a couch – lower lightening. If the ceiling is well lit, it gives the impression of a more

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