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You can make your hair lighter.

Will fair hair suit you?

Will reddish hair suit you?

Hollywood was won by pretty women with red hair. Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Bette Miller, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon – they are all redheads. This color has been fashionable for some decades, because it attracts...

Will dark hair suit you?

Is it better for you to make your hair darker ?

We loose it

The female hormone estrogen is responsible for thick hair.

The right detector

Can you find some pathological processes in your body?

The Newest Hairstyles for Summer

What We all know about haircut fashions and hairstyles ?

Straw hair

Does your hair needs an emergency treatment after your vacation ?

Splitting hair

Even greasy hair can have dry and brittle tips.

Problems as a result of wrong nutrition

Does your hair does not get enough vitamins?

Magnetized hair

What is magnetized hair and what kinf of hair is full of electric energy ?

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