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The Newest Hairstyles for Summer

We all know that haircut fashions and hairstyles change from season to season, from year to year. So if you observe certain trends in haircuts you may be able to foresee what hairstyles will be popular the following spring and summer season. After a quick analysis of masterpieces of well-known barbers, presented at different shows and competitions, and an examination of hairstyles created on splendid hair of the most popular beauties from our country and abroad, we can discover some modern trends.

The first trend of this season is shorter hair. Widely spread passion for super long hair, which is achieved by different artificial methods of lengthening and growth, is now diminishing.


But there are some exceptions. Some stylists, and hence a large percentage of women, still prefer artificial lengthening or natural growing. But there are some changes as well: super long and straight hairstyles are being replaced by mid-length hairstyles.


Long hair is set in many different ways. It depends on your preferences, taste and the structure of your hair. Therefore, you can vary from a romantic, wavy style to a more modern, smooth style.


The second notable trend of this season is that bob-style haircuts, slightly modernized or ultramodern, have become popular again. It makes no difference if they are trapezium-like with raised edges or transverse—every haircut of this type is at the peak of its popularity. This type of haircut suits many girls with different face shapes and structures of the hair.


Bob-style remains universal and doesn’t depend on how the hair locks are placed. Classic and modern styles are both popular; the main intent is to stress the face and individuality of any girl. You should avoid a licked set, and always try to accentuate your hair’s volume.


Wavy bob-style haircuts with curved edges are very fashionable. They look natural, light and puffy. Magnetic curls would be a plus to your hairdo.


The third trend is that straight hair is being replaced by different curled styles. Wavy hair will be extremely fashionable during entire 2006 year, while the craze for smooth, straightened hair is being left behind.


Create your hairstyle according to the following ideas: the staple of your hairstyle should be wavy locks, mild romantic cascades and even intense spiral curls. Curls are once again popular, and only you can judge if that’s a good thing or not.


Despite the popularity of curly, short hair, many exceptional barbers encourage a more moderate approach to elegance. While the style of magnetic locks and curls can seem frivolous, barbers suggest choosing a simpler style. You can make a tangle on the back of the head or make a “horse tail” using a smooth bun if necessary.


Finally, stylists foresee that any accessory for the hair—from ribbons and kirby to grips, shells and combs—will be extremely popular this season. It doesn’t make any difference if you create a hairstyle for a party or just want to braid your hair to feel comfortable while at home—you will look trendy and stylish.


You should not forget that we are just talking about modern trends, but are not necessarily trying to make you follow them. If short hair doesn’t suit you or you’re fond of smooth hair and do not want to wear curls, by all means, create any hairstyle you like. In any case, fashion is a rather relative concept. It’s better to create your own hairstyle, different from the recommendations of popular stylists, than to wear a hairstyle that doesn’t suit you well.

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