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Finding the Perfect Hairstyle to Fit Your Face

and curl them on special curlers with sticks (right to the roots).

  • Let the hair dry itself and apply some styling liquid with

    strong fixation effect. Avoid using spray –- it will make

    your hair rough and “frozen.” Take the curlers off.

  • Use two big pins to fix the hair on both sides. Take some small

    strands out to frame your face.

  • Tip: If your locks are too hard and fluffy, fix

    it with your fingers. Just pull the locks and you’ll get a

    softer style.



    Use the same technique as described in example with Jessica Alba.



    No time to do your hair? No problem -– just look at the

    perfect knot of Jennifer Lopez. Here is her Latin American heritage.

    All you need is a bright scarf to hide your hair. Make sure you

    have a pair of large earrings, too!



    In general, it’s not that bad, but that pinkish-pink definitely

    looks horrible. It seems like she forgot to wash her hair after

    dying it. If you have single-colored hair with no multi-colored

    strands and you want to play with the color, hair dye is ideal for

    you. But be careful with the amount!


    I don’t understand why this gorgeous woman (and the only

    female in the Black Eyed Peas group) wears this monstrous fake fringe

    and dozens of bands. She could definitely do well with only a couple.



    Hippy style is hardly flattering for an elegant lady like Sharon

    Stone. This soft and romantic image does not go hand-in-hand with

    the personality of the actress -– her IQ is almost the same

    as Einstein’s! Besides, her usual vamp-style makes thousands

    of men crazy -– does she need to change it at all? If she

    had wanted to make her eastern style softer, she could have chosen

    smooth waves instead.



    A bad hair day? God, Lindsay, why wear this horrible cap that looks

    like a stocking? The grunge style is not for you. And not for us,


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