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Problems as a result of wrong nutrition


your nutrition is wrong, your hair doesn’t get enough vitamins

and as a result it looks unpleasant. If you want to have healthy hair,

you must help them “from the inside”. Vitamin B2 helps not

only your hair but also makes your nails, eyes and lips look beautiful

too. You also need vitamin E. The lack of this vitamin causes peeled and

dry skin. You also need vitamin H, which is also known as biotin.

Help: your body demands 1.5 mg of vitamin B2 a day. It’s one liter of milk. Instead of milk you can eat peanuts or almonds (0.6 mg = 50 grams of the product), and 125 mg of mushrooms include the same quantity. 50 grams of cheese include 0.3 mg. We also need 12 mg of vitamin E a day. There is a lot of it in germinated wheat: 15 g of this product include 23 mg of wheat. There are also 4.5 mg in 100 g of raspberry, 2.85 mg in 100 g of turkey and 0.3 mg in 100 g of avocado. Yolks, liver and wheat also contain biotin, but a body doesn’t get enough biotin from the food so it’s better to take biotin as a medicine.

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