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Splitting hair

Splitting hair means damaged tips. It’s a widespread

disease. Even greasy hair can have dry and brittle tips. It’s very

common with long hair.

greasy hair with dry tips should be treated in the following way:


  1. first, prepare a mask for greasy hair that is put on the scalp.
  2. Then, treat the tips of the hair: rub the medicine into the skin, leave it for 20-30 minutes and then rinse your hair properly.
  3. A wonderful medicine for long and flyaway hair is the so called “liquid hair”, which covers hair with a protective layer and at the same time recovers the inside of the hair.
  4. Nevertheless, you should cut the tips of long hair once a month. This treatment is unsuitable for thin hair – it becomes sticky and seems dirty. It‘s better to use a degreased medicine (“Hair Repair”) for such hair that contains beer, keratins and henna. These ingredients make hair stronger but not heavy.

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