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The right detector


you notice some troubles with hair you can make a spectrum analysis

of your hair. It will help to find chronic diseases and the risk

of some diseases that are still not evident. Blood tests cannot always

show it, because it reveals the content of microelements at the moment

of testing. But if the day before you ate food rich with some elements

then the next day, the content of these elements would be normal. But

later the level of them will lower again. In your hair the elements accumulate

day by day and analysis will demonstrate the state of your health for

long period.

The third test can define the content of 20-30 elements. According to the level of their concentration, we can find some pathological processes in your body. If the concentration of some microelements is high in your hair but in your blood it is low, it means that your blood can’t keep this element. And it means that sooner or later you’ll have the deficiency of this element in your body.

Skin, hair and nails diseases, lowered immunity, allergies, hypertension,

cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, anemia, dysbacteriosis of bowels

and gastritis are closely connected with a imbalance of microelements in

the body. But even after spectrum analysis you shouldn’t start treatment

on your own because you should know how to combine vitamins and microelements.

For example, calcium displaces zinc and phosphorus; iron counteracts copper

and zinc; manganese blocks magnesium and copper.

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