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Will reddish hair suit you?

Hollywood was won by pretty women with red hair. Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Bette Miller, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon – they are all redheads. This color has been fashionable for some decades, because it attracts attention with its brightness and boldness. But will this color suit you? A good piece of news: this or that tint of red . But it is the most suitable for women suits almost everybody with a “cold” pink complexion. It is more difficult for women with a warm olive complexion to select a tint of red.

To determine if your skin has a warm or a cold color, look at the color of your face in daylight. If your skin has a pink tint, then cold colors (blue and its tints) will suit you. If your skin is golden or peachy, then your colors are warm (yellow and so on).


Bear in mind:

  • Reddish is very bright and attracts attention, so you need to be self-confident and not be afraid of a lot of attention.
  • Some tints of reddo not exist in nature
  • But you may want to look more bold and original, and this is your right. But remember that bright colors will make you older, especially if you are over 35.
  • After coloring you have to select make-up that goes with this hair color
  • You must remember that red colors fade quicker than other tints

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