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How To

There are five common facial shapes that you should consider when choosing a new hairdo. These include: a round face, an oval face, a long face, a triangular face, and a square face.

To understand what type of face you have, take a picture of yourself and then try to draw a circle with a pair of compasses. If your face doesn’t seem round to you, chances are that your hair is the problem. That’s why you should choose a picture in which your face is “free” from hair (i.e. it’s combed back or tied in a knot/pony-tail). Now, take a ruler and draw two lines from the chin to the temples and another, horizontal one so that you have an equilateral triangle. Let’s see what we have. If your face is more or less within the circle, it’s round; if it’s within the triangle, it’s triangular. If your face is square or rectangular with protruding cheekbones, you have a square (rectangular) face. And if the lines of your face are even and soft, without any obvious angles you have an oval face (which, by the way, is not very common).


Round face. Most women believe their faces to be round. However, this facial shape is the least common. If you do have a round face, be ready to face the truth: you should avoid fluffy hairdos that cover the ears, forehead and eyes. Your hair should be combed back from the face. You can also try to lift the hair on the top to make the face seem less round. It may be short hair with flat temples, a short fringe and a backcombing on the top. This way you can make your face look oval.


Perfect hairstyles: anything with soft locks or strands on both sides of the face. You can curl them and let some curls fall on the forehead, or you can comb them on your temples and cheeks. Your hair may be of any length, but 20-25 cm is ideal. Avoid low side partings, hairdos with parts in the middle, and flat hair or any other hairstyle too flat or too fluffy.


Oval face. The most ideal shape. You can choose both long and short hair. Tip: avoid multi-levels as they may seem like too much –- try to keep all the hair at one length.


Perfect hairstyles: anything. Long hair is preferable.


Long face. Perfect hairstyles:

avoid long hair or hairdos with hair at chin level –- visually,

it will make your face even longer. Instead, add some volume on the

temples and make the hair fluffier. Use a brush for big locks while

blowdrying, or try big curlers. You can also try short hair with a

fringe. Curl some strands on both sides and leave some locks on the

forehead -– this will make your face seem wider and shorter.

The best variation, however, is a hairdo without a part.


Triangular face. This face is also called “heart-shaped.” Avoid volume on the temples, but leave it in the chin area (try to curl the ends). In such a way, you will kill two birds with one stone: you’ll look stylish and hide some flaws on your face. In the picture, a triangular shape is softened with long hair, flat on the top.


Perfect hairstyles: you’ll look good with a fringe (tip: curl side hair and comb it to the front). The most suitable length is up to the chin or cheeks. Avoid short hairdos or those with big curls on the forehead.


Square face.


Short, flat hair is strictly forbidden. You will look like a boy. Add some body to the hair on top and temples. Use curlers or dry

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