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How To

it with your head down (you can also use a round brush for blowdrying).

Perfect hairstyles: big locks on the sides are

the best. You can comb the hair back from the forehead and make

a zig-zag part. Another variation: a soft fringe and strands on

the temples. The best length is somewhat longer than the chin. Avoid

flat, combed-back hair tied in a knot or falling on the shoulders.

Do not open your ears or make a straight part.

A trapezoid shape may be corrected with some hair

covering the lower part of the cheeks. You can also try short curls

falling on the cheeks and forehead, or fluffy locks above the forehead;

this will visually widen it. You can also have a hairdo, but make

sure the temples are curly or fluffy.

Find your own image


a woman decides to change her life, she goes to the hairdresser

first. A new hairdo is a new mood and new dreams. Before

you go and change your life (and hairdo) completely, look at yourself

in the mirror –- will you be comfortable with this new image?

You’re probably just dramatizing the whole thing. But if you

are 100 percent sure you need a change, leave your fears at home

and go to surf the waves of fashion. Do not forget to study your

appearance thoroughly (read: consider some peculiarities of your

face) before you choose this or that hairdo.




A woman with big features

will look good with a flat hairstyle or hairdo styled in large waves.

If you have small features, try some curls instead.




A low forehead may be easily

changed with a fringe: just lift and style your hair in large strands,

thus covering their natural border.




A big nose becomes visually

smaller if you comb your curls to the front (to the cheeks and forehead).

You can have a hairdo, but make sure that the “focus”

is somewhere on the back of the head.




Pay attention to your neck. If

it’s short and stout, try to lift the hair and pin it (tie it

into a knot) on the top or on the back of the head. A long, thin neck

becomes shorter with curly, shoulder-length hair or “page”-style





When choosing on a hairdo, do not forget

the structure of your hair. If it’s thin and soft,

forget about small curls. If you have rough hair, try some simple

hairdos with soft, half-curled locks. A hairdo will be firmer if you

take into consideration the direction of hair growth (hair tends to

come back to its usual position). If the hair grows on the neckline,

high hairstyles will lose their form very quickly.

Good luck!


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