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Epilation and Depilation

cheap. It can also be done at home and produces very little damage to

the treated areas.

Hair removal with the help of a depilator

In this process, a roller or drum (turning with the help of an electric

current) clamps hair and pulls it out. The hair bulb is often destroyed

at the same time the hair is removed. An advantage of this procedure is

that it’s simple. Buying a depilator is also a one-time cost, meaning

it’s a cheap procedure in the long-run. The price of depilators

averages between 20 and 100 dollars depending on the model and manufacturing

firm. The procedure, unfortunately, can be painful (severity depending

on the model of depilator). It is also nearly impossible (because of the

pain involved) to treat bikini zones with a depilator.

Chemical depilation

Cream depilators offer an alternative to mechanical depilators. They

work in a similar fashion -- after the destruction of the albuminous layers

of external hair, the hair itself is easily (and painlessly) removed.

An obvious advantage of this procedure is its painlessness and its ability

to be used on the face and bikini zone. It should be noted, however, that

some individuals are allergic to such creams. They also don’t work

as well for individuals with dark hair.


It is not necessary to speak about the principle of shaving. Its obvious

advantages include affordability, simplicity, speed, and widespread availability.

Shaving, however, can provoke irritation and ingrown hairs. Shaving the

face is not recommended because of possible stimulation of hair growth.

The best approach to hair removal is to combine several forms of

epilation and depilation.

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