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A Description of Hair-Removal Methods.

A beautiful appearance is impossible without smooth skin. Throughout history, women have tried to eliminate superfluous hair from their bodies, and many methods of hair removal have already been used for many centuries. Actually, it is not very difficult to get rid of unnecessary hair. There are a lot of methods for almost any type of preference and price level, and with each year they become more perfect.


Superfluous hair


First of all, decide whether you prefer to cope with the task yourself or have the assistance of an expert. With an expert, you’ll be offered variants of depilation and epilation. All methods of epilation cost a pretty penny, demand time, and can be painful at times.

Self expert


Easy, fast... and ineffective.


The method of hair removal that is easiest to do and is accessible for the price is shaving. Except for expendable machine tools and electronic devices, shaving systems with built-in cartridges have appeared which apply special softening materials during the process of shaving. The main drawback is that the rigid ends of the hair start growing and the procedure is necessary to be repeated.




Getting rid of undesirable hair is possible either for a short time period or forever. All methods of temporary hair removal are called depilation. Shaving, hair removal by an electrodepilator, waxes or creams, and procedures from saloon epilations are all depilation methods.


The method of removing hair with a bulb is called epilation. It results in complete removal of the hair and is carried out by methods of electro-, photo-, or laser and epilation.




If you easily deal with home household devices, take advantage of an electrodepilator. With the help of a small tweezers and an electrical current, it deletes the hair under the root, leaving the skin smooth for approximately one month. Up until now, the drawback of the method was its pain producing effect. But today producers offer a set of novelties: knobs with massaging rollers and built-in accessories for cooling the skin (which help considerably to reduce any pain); headers for beginners that softly (but thus more slowly) remove the hair; and knobs for epilation of sensitive zones such as bikini and underarm areas.


Laid softly


Wax depilation is very effective, but the process takes a lot of effort. First it is necessary to warm the wax, then it is necessary to put it on the skin accurately and take off with ? piece of fabric in a direction against the growth of the hair. The skin will remain smooth for approximately a month. After carrying this procedure out several times, it is possible to do wax depilation in the bikini and underarm zones.


The creams for depilating on the basis of outfit acid get rid of the hair for approximately one week. The acid splits molecules of keratin (of which the hair consists) so that they are easily removed. The acid is only on the surface of the skin -- it does not reach the root of the hair. Nevertheless, you should not wear the cream for more than 5-10 minutes. Before using, it is desirable to check for allergies with the help of an allergy. To do this put some cream on the inside of the elbow; if after 15-20 minutes no red sports appear, it means that the cream suits you. When purchasing a cream, pay attention to its ingredients. Components such as the extracts of chamomile, calendula, bisabolol, and allantoin produce a calming effect. Aganoluravous acid, chitosan, and aloe vera humidify and deliver moisture to the skin.


After depilation it is necessary to put on a soothing cream. Creams with a cooling effect remove the irritation especially well. Creams that consist of derivatives from papaya, pineapple, walnut, arnica, horsetail, and soy have an influence on the delay of the growth of the hair. These components are also included in the ingredients of depilators. Their action can be aggressive as they are capable of affecting the bulb of the hair, so be cautious when using it. The common drawback to all methods of depilating is emboly.


Biodepilation is the most popular saloon technique. The procedure has practically no contra-indications, although it does not suit the removal of the lanugo hairs. It includes the methods of removal by warm or hot wax, by pitches, or by sugar-containing structures - this way is fashionable and is called sugaring (from the word “sugar”).


Electro epilating, light epilating (laser or photo), and enzymic epilation belong to methods which allow to overcome superfluous hair. But it is necessary to say that none are perfect without contra-indications, and instant methods of disposal from undesirable hair have not yet been invented. You should only attend salons which have passed medical licensing -- electro epilating destroys the skin cover and it can remain injured for a long period of time.


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